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Doctor Coloring Page


Here is a link to a doctor coloring page of a doctor with a bag and stethoscope like the ones we made this week!


Doctor’s Day Craft



A few simple blue craft supplies and your child can have a doctor’s set!

Doctor’s Set

by: J. Davis


-3 blue pipe cleaners

-blue construction paper

-blue yarn


-hole punch

-clear packing tape


1. Cut out small rectangle (about 2″x3″) and punch a hole in each of the four corners.  Loop yarn through the holes to tie in the back around child’s head.

2.  Curl up ends (into flat spiral-like a snail-shell) on all three pipe cleaners.  Join uncurled ends of pipe cleaners to create basic shape of a stethoscope.  Cut out 6 blue circles and tape around each pipe cleaner spiral.