Monthly Archives: February 2011

Circle Polar Bear Craft


Yesterday, February 27th was Polar Bear Day!  Check out this polar bear craft from  In one we crinkled the paper to give him a more 3D appearance.


Paper Money


Apologies for the lack of new posts.  A slew of sick and/or snow days have put a halt to my child care crafting. 

In honor of our Presidents and paper currency being introduced to the United States on February 25, 1862 by Abraham Lincoln we made some paper money to play with today!

To make this craft cut light green construction paper into rectangles of the same size (we made 6 a person).  Allow the child to color with a dark green crayon.  If they are unable to write numbers for money increments you can do that for them and let them add their own pictures or scribbles to the money!

Valentine’s Crafts


This has been a crazy week so far and in the interest of time I am just going to post a few links to pages that I found that have Valentine’s Day craft ideas that I’d hoped to complete with the kids.

Tissue Snow


Here’s another simple and snowy craft for this cold winter week.

Tissue Snow

by:J. Davis


-white tissue paper or tissues (cut into small squares)

-light blue construction paper

-glue stick



1. Draw an outdoor scene on the paper (we did a tree).

2. Spread glue where you would like snow on the paper.

3. Lightly crumple tissue and press into glue.