Ballet Slippers


If you watch So You Think You Can Dance then you know the third week in August is American Dance Week.  Therefore here is a dance related craft that makes a great keepsake too!

Ballet Slippers

by: J. Davis


-pink construction paper

-pink highlighter


-pink or white yarn


1.  Trace child’s feet on pink paper.  Cut out each footprint to make slipper shape.

2. Draw long oval shape with pink highlighter to make it look like a shoe.

3. Punch 5 holes along oval (2 pairs of 2 and 1 hole at the top).

4. Cut about 2-3 feet of yarn and string through the holes to create an X with the ties coming out the hole at the top of the slipper.  Tie a bow.  Repeat with second slipper and tie the loose ends of yarn on the 2 slippers together.


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