Sunny Lacing


I came up with this simple lacing activity to kick off the start of some sunny into summer activities!

Sunny Lacing

by: J. Davis


-blue, green, and yellow construction paper

-yellow yarn: four 5 inch long pieces



-glue stick



1. Tear off a strip of green construction paper to fit across the bottom of the blue construction paper.  Glue in place.

2. Cut a yellow circle and glue towards the top corner of the blue construction paper.

3. Use the pencil to poke 4 sets of holes from the sun towards the edges of the paper and the ground (green construction paper).

4. Poke yellow yarn through each hole on the sun and secure with tape on back of paper.  Lace through other holes and secure of back of paper.

Enjoy the sun (even if there isn’t any outside)!


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