Indoor Kite


Since today was a little stormy off and on, I came up with a kite that could be flown indoors!

Indoor Kite

created by: J. Davis


-construction paper

-1 pipe cleaner

-tissue/crepe paper streamers

-glue stick




1. Fold construction paper in half and cut out a kite shape through both layers.

2. Cut several strips of tissue/crepe paper for kite’s tails.

3. Put glue on one side of each kite shape (so they will line up to stick together.  Bend pipe cleaner and attach to both sides of one kite shape.  Place other kite shape on top to sandwich ends of pipe cleaner creating a carrying loop to fly the kite.

4. Peel back bottom corners of kite and glue in tissue/crepe paper streamers.

5. Decorate kite with stickers!


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