Kite Sun Catcher!


Kite Sun Catcher

created by: J. Davis


-cereal box (cardboard) or cardstock paper

-tissue paper

-glue stick

-hole punch


-wax paper

-X-acto knife




1. Cut tissue paper up into little 1 inch pieces.

2. Draw a diamond/kite shape on to your cereal box or cardstock.  Cut out around the outside of the diamond.

3. Trace the diamond onto a piece of wax paper.  Glue tissue paper pieces on to wax paper.  Glue a second layer of wax paper on top so the tissue paper is inside of the 2 layers of wax paper.

4. Cut out 4 triangular windows on the kite shape and then glue on top of the wax paper layers.  Cut around the kite shape to even up the ends of the wax paper layers.

5. Punch out a hole at the top and bottom of the kite.  Attach a small loop of yarn to the top hole to hang your kite and a long strand at the bottom for the tail.  Feel free to add bows to your tail if you like!

6. Hang in a sunny window and enjoy!


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