Frog Cupcakes


This recipe is from the Betty Crocker Creative Cupcakes 2009 Calendar.

Frog Cupcakes

makes 24 cupcakes

-white cake

-creamy vanilla frosting

-green paste or gel food color

-48 green miniature vanilla wafer cookies

-48 red cinnamon candies

-1 tube (4.25 oz) red decorating icing

-large red gumdrops

1. Bake white cake as directed for muffin cups to make 24 cupcakes.  Make creamy vanilla frosting; reserve 2 tablespoons white frosting.  Tint remaining frosting with food color to make green; frost cupcakes.

2. For ears, place 2 cookies near top edge of each cupcake, inserting on end so they stand up.  Attach 1 cinnamon candy to each cookie with reserved white frosting.  Add dots of white frosting for nostrils.

3. For mouth, pipe on red icing.  Slice gumdrops; add slice to each cupcake for tongue.


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