Tiny Tadpoles?


Continuing our frog theme led to making tadpoles today!  These simple tadpoles were made with tiny thumb prints and black marker.

Tiny Tadpoles?

created by: J. Davis


-light blue, white, and black construction paper

-black paint

-foam paint brush

-glue stick


1. Cut out about 15-20 rock shapes from the white and black construction paper.  I used more white rocks to offset the color of the tadpoles.

2. Glue the rocks in layers across the bottom of the blue paper to create a river bed.

3. Paint the top section of the child’s thumb (or another finger if thumb seems to big) with the foam brush.  Print on the paper and repeat to create as many tadpole bodies as desired.

4. Use the black marker to draw on tadpole tails and legs.

Notes:  You can make this project as basic or elaborate as you want!  Feel free to add green construction paper for plants in the water or sand to add to your rock bed.  It could also be fun to put a sheet of blue or clear cellophane on top to look like your tadpoles are really under water.  Be creative!


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