Busy ThumBees :)


The bees have really been circling around all the blooming trees in our neighborhood including the one out front of our house!  Today we made bees with our thumb prints that could easily be added to embellish the flower picture created yesterday.  As you can see we added a flower to our painting today!


created by: J. Davis


-light blue construction paper

-yellow and black non-toxic paint

-black fine tip marker

-extra markers or supplies to draw on or create flowers (optional)


1. Dip thumb in yellow paint and press to paper to create the body of a bee.  Repeat as many times as desired all around the paper. 

2. Dip pinky finger in black paint and press to paper at either end of yellow paint blobs to create the heads.

3. Use a fine tip black marker to draw on wings, tails, and stripes.

4. Draw/create flowers on the paper amongst the bees!

Notes:  I used a cupcake liner from the craft yesterday to add a flower to this painting.  If desired bees could be added to the craft created the day before to make it a two-day project.


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