Monthly Archives: April 2010

Rainbow Krispies


What better rainbow treat than the traditional Rice Krispy Treat made with Fruity Pebbles!  Yum!


Rainbow Streamer


Here is a great rainbow craft for spring:

Notes:  Another easy way to do a similar craft is to use a wooden ring from a curtain hanging set and use streamers of ribbon instead of crepe or tissue paper!  Metal binder rings would work well too.  After your streamer is complete put on some fun music and wave your rainbow around!

Spring Rainbow Colors Book


I found this idea searching for rainbow crafts;  I decided to change it a little and decorate the pages with stickers, arts/craft materials, and by coloring!  Here is a look at the first two color pages!

Keep checking back for the next few days to see our other pages and the finished book!

Indoor Kite


Since today was a little stormy off and on, I came up with a kite that could be flown indoors!

Indoor Kite

created by: J. Davis


-construction paper

-1 pipe cleaner

-tissue/crepe paper streamers

-glue stick




1. Fold construction paper in half and cut out a kite shape through both layers.

2. Cut several strips of tissue/crepe paper for kite’s tails.

3. Put glue on one side of each kite shape (so they will line up to stick together.  Bend pipe cleaner and attach to both sides of one kite shape.  Place other kite shape on top to sandwich ends of pipe cleaner creating a carrying loop to fly the kite.

4. Peel back bottom corners of kite and glue in tissue/crepe paper streamers.

5. Decorate kite with stickers!

Let’s Go Fly a Kite Mobile


Let’s Go Fly a Kite Mobile

created by: J. Davis


-light blue and white construction paper

-white computer paper

-hole punch






1. Cut 2 strips of construction paper about 1.5 inches wide along the length of the paper.  Staple the two strips together end to end to create a hoop.  Punch 4 evenly spaced holes around the top of the paper hoop to attach yarn for hanging.

2. Cut 4 pieces of yarn about 15 inches long.  Tie one in each hole on the blue construction paper hoop.  Once all 4 are tied gather the free end together and knot at the top.

3. Cut out 4 kite shapes from white construction paper.  Decorate as you like.  Punch a hole in the tope and bottom point on each kite.

4. Cut out about 5 small cloud shapes from the white computer paper.  Glue on outside of blue hoop (use a cloud on each side to cover the staples).

5. Punch 4 holes randomly around the bottom edge of the blue hoop.  Cut 4 more pieces of yarn at varying lengths and attach your 4 kites. 

6. Cut more yarn to add tails to your kites!

Notes:  This craft can be somewhat labor intensive for a small child so I suggest pre-cutting your yarn and shapes and allowing them to decorate the kites and attach all of the pieces together (you may need to help with the attaching step also).