Cherry Blossom Snack Sticks


So I found this great spring time recipe at, which is the perfect Friday snack to follow-up from our craft from yesterday!  I had most of the ingredients but not all so unfortuanately…no picture of today’s snack/craft.

-popcorn (popped)
-cherry Jell-O mix (or any pink/red flavor)
-thick pretzel sticks
-green icing (or try colored candy melts!)
1. Place popcorn and Jell-O powder in a Ziploc bag and shake until coated.
2. Dip pretzel stick in icing or candy melts and then in colored popcorn.
3. Eat your Cherry Blossom Tree!  Yum!
Notes:  The website suggests misting the popcorn lightly with water if the Jell-O powder will not stick.

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