Rainy Day Ducky


We went to walk around the pond and see the ducks last week while it was sunny.  Since it’s rainy today we made rainy day ducks to remember our sunny day outing!

Rainy Day Ducky

created by: J. Davis


-blue, orange, and yellow construction paper




-black marker


1. Draw a duck body shape and wing shape on yellow construction paper using pencil (as many times as you need to get the desired shapes!).  Cut out and set aside.

2. Draw a small heart (beak) on orange construction paper using pencil and cut out.

3. Glue on the ducks body.  Then glue the wing and beak on top.

4. Use black marker to add an eye and outline the ducks feature(s)- if you want!

Notes:  If you want to get messy you might like putting your duck on white paper and using blue paint to make water all around!


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