Baby Scouts!


March 12 is the National Girl Scout Day to recognize the first group started on March 12, 1912.  Today we made our own sashes to recognize the day!  We like to think of ourselves as the baby scouts, receiving badges for things like napping, taking walks, reading, and of course crafting!

Scouts Sash

created by: J. Davis


-2 sentence strips


-large glue stick

-light colored construction paper (one piece)



1. Staple the two sentence strips together at both ends to make a sash.

2. Trace the end of the glue stick cap to make badge circles (as many as you want to decorate).  Cut out and draw on pictures to represent badges you have earned.

3. Glue the badges onto the sash.

Notes:  We made a nap badge, reading badge, crafts badge, and walking badge!


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