March Madness!


The first public basketball game was March 11, 1892!  Today I created a simple craft to recognize the day!  Enjoy!

March Madness Mini-Ball

created by: J. Davis


-orange construction paper

-black marker

-orange paint

-small wooden dowel



1. Cut out a circle shape (5″ diameter) from orange construction paper. 

2. Dip the end of the dowel into orange paint and stamp circles all over the surface of the circle (basketball).

3. Allow paint to dry.

4. Use black marker to draw on stripes to look like a basketball (line straight up and down, line horizontal across the center, and two arcs one on each half)

Notes:  A thought I had after stamping circles all over the basketball was to use a sponge to paint a textured look.  Of course this would make for a pretty short art activity (but maybe that’s okay with you)!


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