Brownie Drums


Friday was busy so I didn’t get to post nor did I actually get a chance to do this snack/craft.  But I decided to post the idea anyway to go along with Music in Our Schools month.

Brownie Drums

created by: J. Davis


-brownie mix

-circle shaped cookie cutter

-tub of white icing

-tube or red icing


1. Bake brownies according to directions on package.  Use circle cookie cutter to cut out 2-3 round brownie shapes, depending on how tall you want your drum.

2. Lay first brownie down and ice the top.  Stick a second brownie on top.  Repeat with third brownie if needed to make a drum shape.

3. Ice top and sides of brownie drum.  Use red icing to pipe on a drum design on the outside.  Make a crisscross pattern from top to bottom (a good way to do this is to draw four sideways x’s around the drum ><><><><).

4. Your drums are now ready to eat!

Notes:  Depending on the age of the child(ren) you are working with consider giving them two toothpicks as drumsticks!


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