Noodle Noisemaker


Due to a busy evening yesterday, I didn’t have time to search for any craft ideas so I decided to see what I had around the house to create  a simple craft.  Since this month is not only Music in our Schools month but also National Noodle Month, I found a way to include both into today’s craft.  Enjoy making music!

Noodle Noisemaker

created by: J. Davis


-two paper bowls

-elbow macaroni (uncooked)





1. Decorate outsides of both bowls using crayons and stickers.  Feel free to use any other art supplies too!

2. Fill on bowl with 1/4 cup uncooked pasta.  Place second bowl on top to create a dome and staple around the edges to hold your noisemaker in place.

3. Make some music!

Notes:  Younger children may be tempted to peel off stickers.  Monitor their music making carefully.  If you are worried about using staples you could choose to punch sets of holes around the outside rim of the bowls and tie them together with string, ribbon, or yarn.


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