Stars and Stripes


We made a flag today for National Anthem Day!

American Flag

created by: J. Davis


-one sheet each of red, white, and blue construction paper



-star stickers


1. Lay red paper flat on table.  Cut a blue rectangle and glue on to the top left corner of the red paper.

2. Rip six 3/4 inch strips along the length of the white construction paper.

3. Glue the first white strip directly under the blue rectangle.  Evenly space two more white strips under the first.  Make sure to leave red space for the red stripes on the flag.

4. Evenly space and glue the remaining three white strips in the space above the first strip placed.  There should be six white stripes and seven red stripes when you are finished.  The top and bottom stripes should be red.

5. Now that the base of the flag is created it is time to add on the stars.  They can be placed anywhere in the blue rectangle !

Notes:  Again, there are many options to making an American Flag.  One thought I had if doing this craft with older children is to use little squares of tissue paper all over the flag to create a 3D effect.  If you have younger children this craft is perfect because they can help rip the strips of white paper (if you get them started!) and they can certainly put the stickers onto the flag.  I had to give direction in order for the stars to end up in the blue section but another option would be to let them place the stickers wherever they want on the flag.


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