The Cat Hat!


In honor of Dr. Seuss’ Birthday and Read Across America Day we will be reading Cat in the Hat and making our very own hats!  I have made Cat in the Hat hats several different ways but I brainstormed a way that would be simple for a 15 month old and my directions are as follows:

The Cat Hat!

made by: J. Davis


-red construction paper

-white construction paper

-one sentence strip (cut in half lengthwise)




1. Cut out a tall hat shape out of white construction paper (you may want to use two pieces glued together for a taller hat).

2. Rip strips of red construction paper.  Trim them to fit across the width of the hat.  Glue on to create stripes.

3. Staple the hat onto the center of the sentence strip (make sure the ends of the staple are on the outside of the hat).

4. Wrap the sentence strip (hat band) around the child’s head and measure/staple the band so it fits snugly when placed on the child’s head.

5. Enjoy having your very own Cat in the Hat adventures! 😉

Notes:  Let older children perform all of the steps in this process. If you are working with younger children (like me!) you can certainly let them rip the construction paper strips, with a little help!  Other options are to let the children paint or color on red stripes.


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  1. hehe… I love that she is all stripes that day! One of those happy accidents! I love that you do these everyday with Natalie and Elise! I am creating a “scrapbook” of all her crafts she does with you. You rock!

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