Muddy Buddy!


Today is National Pig Day so as a result today’s craft will be a “muddy” one.  After searching for ideas I decided to use an idea found on

Muddy Buddy

directions written by J. Davis


-pink construction paper

-white constuction paper



-pink pipe cleaner

-brown finger paint

-black marker


1. Cut out pig shape from pink construction paper (I cut out a collection of smaller pieces to create a pig shape- 0ne oval, 4 small rectangles, one medium circle, one small circle, and 2 little triangles).

2. Mount pig shape(s) to white construction paper.

3. Use marker to draw on the pig’s eyes and snout.

4. Load up your hands with brown paint and smoosh all around pig to create mud!

5. Allow to dry then glue on curled up pipe cleaner to create a pig tail.

Notes:  Many modifications can be made to this basic craft idea.  For younger children it is best to provide the pig shape to be painted.  Older children may enjoy creating their own pig!   The original craft idea seemed to suggest using one piece of construction paper to cut out a single pig silhouette and allowing the child to paint brown patches on top.  I chose to use a variety of shapes to create a pig using multiple layers of paper on a background.  The beauty of crafts is that you can make changes to meet your own needs and ideas.  Have fun and see what works best for you!


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