Hand-y Snow Angel


Looks like the snow globes yesterday worked to ward off the snow for today!  Haven’t seen a flake yet and the sun is even out!  Therefore the next two days will bring our last of the snow crafts.  Since I take care of two infants I decided to bring the concept of snow angels inside.  I created a craft that will not only be a hand print keepsake craft but it will allow my little ones to get a little “snowy” without getting cold :).

Hand-y Snow Angels

created by: J. Davis


-blue construction paper

-white non-toxic paint



1.  Place blue construction paper on a flat surface.  Use paintbrush to put white paint on child’s palm.  Press palm on bottom of paper to create the angel’s body.

2.  Use paintbrush to paint the child’s left hand (palm and fingers) and place on paper to create first wing.  Repeat with right hand.

3.  Paint a circle (head) above the body and between the wings to complete the Snow Angel!

4.  Feel free to write this little poem I made up on the top or side of the paper to complete this piece of artwork:

Looking out on winter white,

Snowflakes sparkling in the light.

See the children all around,

Making angels on the ground.

written by J. Davis 2010

Notes:  While completing this project I found that the angel shows up better on darker paper, so I suggest finding a dark blue construction paper.  I also found that my non-toxic craft paint did not make very good prints of the childrens’ hands so I decided to use white acrylic craft paint.  It produced a much clearer print.  I used baby wipes to clean off the paint right away before a big mess could be made!


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