New Twist on Classic Snow Globe


I heard that more snow might be heading our way so I’m hoping that by sticking with my current snow theme the snow might not show up outside on my doorstep!  For today’s craft I decided to use some of the abundance of baby food jars I have in the recycling bin on our back deck.  My family and friends also made a magnificent family (pets included!) of snowmen during our last batch of snow and I wanted to showcase their handiwork, so I came up with a fresh idea on a classic snow globe.  Try it!

Decoupaged Snow Globe

created by: J. Davis


-small baby food jar (label removed, washed and dried)


-silver glitter

-small snowman picture

-Decoupage glue


-Super Glue


1.  Cut out snowman picture.  Make sure it is small enough to fit on the back of the baby food jar.

2.  Flip baby food jar upside down and place on the table.  Paint Decoupage glue on the backside of the jar and affix snowman picture (I recommend putting the picture over the glue remains from the baby food jar label). 

3.  Put another layer of the Decoupage glue over the snowman picture (after it is placed where you want on the baby food jar) and allow to dry.

4.  Flip jar right side up and add one teaspoon of glitter (or more!).

5.  Slowly fill jar with water.  Once it is filled to may put the lid back on the jar.  If you want to make sure the Snow Globe stays filled put Super Glue around the inside edge of the jar lid before putting it back on.  Allow a few minutes to dry.

Notes:  If you have a choice of baby food jars, I found that the label glue cleans fairly easily off of the Gerber baby food jars (as opposed to Beech Nut).   Next time I might try using the larger Stage 3 baby food jars for a bit larger globe!  I found my glitter was clumping a bit but would come apart when shaken vigorously.  I might have to research snow globes to see if there is a way to keep this from happening.  When doing this craft with younger children you may be doing most of the work BUT they will love looking into the finished product!  ***Always make sure to monitor children with all craft supplies and finished crafts.***


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