Snowball Fight!


So I decided to start crafting today despite not having a plan of what to make or where to start.  We have had so much snow here  lately and even though I could go the rest of the winter without wanting to see another flake I decided that if I didn’t start with some snow related crafts I might miss my chance until next winter!  So here’s what I came up with. 

Snowball Fight!

created by: J. Davis


-1 piece blue construction paper

-1 piece white construction paper

-white non-toxic paint

-glue stick


-mini marshmallows

-pictures of family members or friends!


1.  Rip a strip of the white construction paper off lengthwise and glue on top of blue paper to make a snowy foreground.

2.  Cut out picture of family/friends and glue on opposite sides of snow scene.

3.  Dip mini marshmallows in white paint and stamp snowballs between, on, and around pictures.

Tada!  Instant indoor snowball fight! 

Notes:  This is a great activity for a cold snowy day when you don’t want to go outside and have an actual snowball fight.  I did this activity with a child just over a year old and the mini marshmallows were a little hard for her to hold.  I had to move her hand and hold the marshmallow with her.  For younger children I would recommend letting them use the tips of their fingers (covered with paint of course!) to make dots (snowballs) on their paper.


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