Blast Off!


Branching out from the typical forms of transportation we made this fun rocket ship!

Blast Off!

by: J. Davis


-black construction paper

-star stickers



-black permanent marker


1. Cut rocket ship shape out of foil.  Draw on 3 circular windows.

2. Glue rocket onto paper.

3. Decorate the sky with star stickers.

Paper Plate Bike Wheel


For American Bike Month we made a bike wheel.  We simply cut out the center of a paper plate and colored it with black crayon.  Next, punch six equally spaced holes and tie yarn from each opposite set of holes to create spokes.  Tada!

We had to make the coloring a joint effort in order to cover the entire wheel.  For younger kids some child safe black paint might work a bit better!

Oops!  I forgot to post the craft we made on Thursday.  Here it is, in all it’s construction paper glory.  Simply cut out the shapes and paste together.